Integrated ATPL(A)

Modular ATPL(A)

Maintenance Technician


ATPL(A) Integrated

(Open) February, 2022

(Open) May, 2022

(Open) September, 2022

(Open) November, 2022

ATPL(A) Modular

(Open) March, 2022

AMT Course Ab Initio

(Open) 17, January 2022

(Open) 19, September 2022

AMT Self-proposed

(Open) 21, March 2022

(Open) 29, September 2022

Why Us

Sevenair Academy is the main aviation academy in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe offering both EASA ATO (Approved Training Organization) and EASA Part 147 courses. We ensure the highest quality training for Pilots, Maintenance Technicians and Flight Dispatchers and we maintain and value partnerships with market leaders such as airlines, maintenance companies or universities, giving our graduates the best possible head start into the employment market.

Sevenair Academy is part of the Sevenair Group – the largest general aviation group in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe – which among other companies has its own airline, and has trained thousands of international graduates currently pursuing a career in international aviation.

Upcoming Courses

  • January 24, 2022

    Curso PBN 1/21 — Pilot Training


  • February 7, 2022

    UPRT 1/21 — Pilot Training

    Cascais Airport, Portugal

  • March 14, 2022

    ATPL(A) Modular 1/22 — Pilot Course

    Cascais Airport, Portugal

  • March 21, 2022

    AMT Self Proposed — Maintenance Technician

    Cascais Airport, Portugal


Academy Testimonials

Fly Sevenair Crew Training Manager Sergio Leal

Sergio Leal, Flight Operations Manager

Sevenair Academy AMT Instructor Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves, AMT Instructor


Our academy graduates in numbers. And counting!
32+ years of experience with thousands of pilots, maintenance technicians, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and other aviation professionals trained.








Next Course

January, 2022

ATPL(A) Pilot

Private, commercial, airliner. No matter the type of aircraft you want to fly, we’ll help you get there.

Next Course

17, January 2022

Maintenance Technician

No aircraft can fly without proper care. We are your gateway into the world of aviation maintenance.

Next Course

To be Announced

Flight Dispatcher

If flight planning is what you’re looking into, you can get your aircraft dispatcher certification with us.




Associação Portugusa de Transporte e Trabalho Aérea


Our aircraft fleet has been handpicked for an optimal training experience, with G1000 glass cockpit equipped aircraft for easy transition into modern airliners.


We’re proud of our instructors team and dedicated staff who, through their knowledge, motivation and expertise, have built the ultimate environment for aviation training.

Fleet Sevenair Academy Tecnam P2008
Fleet Sevenair Academy Tecnam Portugal Cascais
Fleet Sevenair Academy Tecnam P2006T


Sevenair Academy Cascais


Our Academy is exceptionally located in coastal Cascais, only 20 minutes away from the capital, Lisbon. Nearly 300 days of sun per year guarantee optimal weather and airspace conditions for flight training within an exclusive international airport.

20 minutes from Lisbon

300 sunny days per year

International airport

Portimão Sevenair Academy


Sevenair Academy is also located in Portimão, Algarve. Known as the top tourist destination in Portugal and famous by its good weather, with over 300 sunny days per year and excellent tourism infrastructure. Our facilities are located 5 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the International Racetrack.

30 minutes from Faro International Airport

300 sunny days per year

Great spot for hour building

Upcoming Events


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