Academy Team

Our Team

With more than 40 ground and flight instructors, we take pride in our highly skilled, dedicated team who, day after day, give their very best to provide you with the highest quality training available. We truly go the extra mile to make you succeed.

Manuel Arroja

Head of Training

Manuel Arroja has years of experience as a pilot, flying since 1969. Worked as a military pilot for the Portuguese Air Force from 1969 to 1998, and as Flight Operations Manager and Head of Training of a large business aviation organisation. Manuel is currently Sevenair’s Head of Training.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Time – 18600 hours
Flight Time with MTOW > 20 Tons – 7600 hours
Flight Time Falcon 900B – 2500 hours
Flight Time Falcon 2000EX EASy – 1900 hours
Flight Time Falcon 50 – 1400 hours
Flight Time in Military Aircraft – 5200 hours

Arménio Sá

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Arménio Sá has a long experience and deep knowledge of military and civil aviation as executor, planner, teacher and instructor. Invited Teacher at Universidade Lusófona and a Consultant for aeronautical industry, Arménio is currently Sevenair’s Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor.

Gonçalo Calisto

Chief Flight Instructor

Gonçalo Calisto joined the academy in 2008, assuming functions as Examiner, Flight Instructor (VFR, Single Engine, Multi-Engine, Simulator) and Ground Instructor. Gonçalo is currently Sevenair’s Chief Flight Instructor.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Time – 5547 hours
Flight Time as Pilot In Command – 5292 hours
Flight Time as Instructor – 5942 hours
Flight Time IFR – 3975 hours
Flight Time as Instructor Simulator – 917 hours
Flight Time multi-Engine – 1149 hours

Vitor Campos

Compliance & Safety Manager

Vitor Campos has several years of experience as Head of Operations in the aeronautical field. Was responsible for aircraft maintenance, fleet management, quality assurance and flight planning. Joined the Academy in 2015 assuming functions as Sevenair’s Compliance & Safety Manager.

Aeronautical Experience

Total Flight Time – 2920 hours
Flight Time in Training – 350 hours
Flight Time as Instructor – 480 hours
Aeronautical Flight Time – 2090 hours