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Sevenair Academy has signed a protocol with the European School for Cabin Crew (ESCC) specialist in Cabin Crew training.

This partnership will allow Sevenair Academy to offer the Portuguese and international market cabin crew courses, certified by EASA with the possibility oF hire by a European Airline for the top students.

The first course will take place in May 2019, in Portugal ,followed by Cape Verde soon after.


Sevenair Academy is now certified by AAC – Cape Verde Civil Aviation Authority to train pilots in accordance with the local law.

This is a new investment by Sevenair Group in Cape Verde to reinforce the project of internationalisation begun in September 2018 with the airline operation.

As stated by Alexandre Alves, CCO of Sevenair Group, in July, the company’s commitment is to train and certify pilots and aeronautical maintenance technicians, investing very clearly in the training of these professionals from Cape Verde and on sharing knowledge

With a long-term perspective, we want to believe, without having yet any expansion plans, that this partnership might be the entry point of the company in a very promising market’ – Alexandre Alves, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


Sevenair Academy is now an aeronautical English examination center certified by Eurocontrol (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation).

The test of English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (ELPAC), now available at Sevenair, is an ICAO English language proficiency test specifically designed for air traffic controllers and pilots.

ELPAC was developed by Eurocontrol, in partnership with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and ENOVATE A.S. (Bergen, Norway).

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Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Fitness Hut, a ‘premium low cost ‘ network of fitness clubs spread across Portugal.

Through this partnership, access and special conditions will be given to all the staff and students of the Sevenair group.

The health of those who work with us is a concern and is part of the social responsibility policy of Sevenair group.

Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Ryanair, one of the largest European airlines that connect 36 countries with 2,000 daily routes, employing more than 13,000 skilled professionals.

Through this partnership, the students, upon completion of the Sevenair Academy’s Part 147 course, will be accepted for the OJT (On Job Training of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians) at Ryanair in one of their maintenance bases.

Sevenair Academy and Centro de Divulgação Aeronáutica (CDA) have signed a partnership agreement to begin the training of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians in Matosinhos, at the Centre’s premises.

According to Octávio Pinhal, CDA President ” it is a joint effort to improve the TMA training in the north region of the country. The goal is to fill the gap in the lack of training facilities in this region, as the main number is centralized in the capital”

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Sevenair Academy has invested a total of 1.5 million euros to expand its training fleet by recently making the purchase of 10 new aircraft

These new aircraft are Tecnam P2998JC equipped with Garmin G3X 10’MKII avionics, with a maximum reach of 703NM and maximum cruise velocity of 120kts

This new and significant investment is part of Sevenair Academy’s commitment to becoming one of Europe best and largest Flight Training Organizations. Furthermore, Sevenair wants to ensure student Pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are trained on state-of-the-art aircraft.

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Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Alpha Aviation Academy, based in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Alpha Aviation is part of the Air Arabia Group, an airline that flies to over 150 destinations in the middle east, North Africa, India, Central Asia and Europe.

Through this partnership, training will be given to the students (cadets) of the Alpha Aviation Academy (AAA), under the Multi Pilot License (MPL). Thus, the theoretical and simulator stage will be at the AAA facilities in Sharjah, UAE. The core part (flight stage) of the course will be held in Cascais (Tires Aerodrome) by Sevenair Academy. Each group of students will have training between 8 to 10 weeks, where they will do 70h flight training. The first course is already starting in March.

According to Alexandre Alves, Sevenair’s Chief Commercial Officer, “This Partnership shows the Group’s desire to grow beyond its borders, representing an important step to our training academy. This is a high-value contract to add to our portfolio, an international reference partner in pilot training with the GCAA certification (UAE aeronautical authority) “.

Sevenair Academy starts 2018 celebrating 30 years of operations. Created in 1988 as  AEROVIA, the first professional pilot’s civil school, it is today Portugal’s current leading flight training organisation (FTO).

The academy has witnessed a 50% growth in 2017, keeping up its commitment for a continuous improvement in quality and delivery. Today, Sevenair sees most of its former students employed by some of the largest airlines in the world.

Throughout the years, Sevenair has trained thousands of people with the dream of pursuing a career in aviation and is a reference in providing human capital for the aviation market.

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Sevenair Academy has placed an order for 10 Tecnam P2008JC Mk II aeroplanes. As Portugal’s current leading flight training organisation (FTO), it has a training fleet of 20 aircraft, already including a Tecnam P2010 and a P2006T Twin.

“The Tecnam P2008JC Mk II is without doubt the best replacement for our legacy trainers such as the Cessna 152, due to its design, superlative performance, technology and innovation. Our Tecnam aeroplanes have more than proven their value too in terms of operational capability, reliability, training advantages and cost effectiveness.” Alexandre Alves, Chief Commercial Officer of Sevenair Group

With this investment Sevenair continues its commitment of an ongoing improvement in training quality and delivery, with students using state-of-the-art aircraft, with a wide range of Tecnam models.

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