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Manutenção de Aeronaves Seminario ISEC Coimbra


Seminário sobre “Manutenção de Aeronaves”
14:30H | Auditório do ISEC

O ISEC/COIMBRA ENGINEERING ACADEMY vai realizar no dia 29 de janeiro 2020 um Seminário sobre “Manutenção de Aeronaves”, que decorrerá pelas 14.30, no auditório do ISEC.


Com a realização deste seminário pretendemos dar visibilidade à mais recente oferta formativa do ISEC/Coimbra Engineering Academy – Curso Técnico de Manutenção de Aeronaves Grau B1.1, cuja criação resultou da parceria entre o ISEC/Coimbra Engineering Academy e a Sevenair Academy.

A presença de especialistas da área que se pretende abordar, irá proporcionar aos estudantes do ISEC, e ao público em geral, um maior conhecimento desta área de trabalho.


Marta Pereira, Ergonomista
Ergonomia e Fator Humano na Manutenção de Aeronaves

Rui Vitorino, Responsável pela Manutenção da Portugália – Grupo TAP
Gestão da Manutenção de Aeronaves

Alexandre Alves e Cátia Chambel, Sevenair
Manutenção de Aeronaves

A participação neste Seminário é livre mas requer INSCRIÇÃO para obtenção de certificado.



· Age: 21 years old
· Height: above 1,60 m (Women) and 1,70 m (Men)
· Fluent in English and preferably another language
· High School diploma (Portuguese 12º Year)
· Good swimming skills
· Medically Fit (good physical and mental health)

· Nonsmokers and no corrective glasses or contact lenses
· Availability for long periods abroad
· Well-groomed with impeccable manners
· Responsible, mature and team orientated
· Friendly personality, costumer oriented with willingness to serve
· Excellent communication skills
· Cabin Crew Attestation, issued by our partner MACF

If you wish to apply please submit your CV, face and full body photos until the 14th of January at

Candidates with experience also need to submit Cabin Crew Attestation and Medical Report.

The selected candidates will receive more information by email.

Good Luck!



Hi Fly flights single-use plastic free become reality

From January 1, 2020, as pledged by Hi Fly President Paulo Mirpuri in 2018, all Hi Fly’s own flights are taking to the air without any single-use plastic items on board.

The leading wet-lease carrier has worked hard to replace plastic with bamboo cutlery, cups, spoons, and salt and pepper shakers, while packaging for bedding, dishes, individual butter pots, soft drink bottles and toothbrushes were switched with compostable alternatives crafted from recycled material.

Hi Fly and its principal sustainability partner, the Mirpuri Foundation, have long been pioneers for greener aviation is serious about the future of the planet and our responsibility to future generations.

The company operated the world’s first ever ‘plastic-free’ trial flight when it took passengers on a Boxing Day trip from the carrier’s base in Lisbon to Natal, Brazil, on an Airbus A340 in December 2018. This was quickly followed with three further ‘plastic-free’ test flights in addition to a series of 12 reduced plastic journeys.

These flight tests concludes that every commercial passenger long haul flight that takes to the air with no single-use plastic items on board prevents around 350 kg of single-use, virtually indestructible plastic from poisoning our environment, about the weight of a large touring motorcycle of poisonous plastic saved in every return journey.

We pledged at the time of our historic Hi Fly test flights, without any single-use plastic items on board that we would make Hi Fly the world’s first ‘plastic-free’ airline within 12 months. We knew that if we worked hard to overcome the problems that it was 100% possible. More importantly, in our hearts, we knew it was much more than that. We knew that this was a 100% necessary move for the future of our planet.

Full information here – Photos from Hi Fly.

Hifly Cabin Crew OPEN DAY

Lisbon: 11 December | 9h | Hotel Holiday Inn Lisboa
Address: Av. de António José de Almeida 28 A, 1000-044, Lisbon, Portugal

Do you dream of an office at 40,000ft?
Do you dream to fly in a company that operates its flights single-use plastic free and that is sustainable responsible?

– Minimum age: 21
– Minimum height: 1,60m (ladies) 1,70m (gentlemen)
– Fluency in English
– High school graduate (12º year)
– Can swim
– Healthy and physically fit (preferentially non-smoking and not wearing contact lenses or spectacles)
– Availability to travel for long periods of time
– With or without previous experience

Candidates should bring their CV and passport photo. For candidates with previous experience please bring your Cabin Crew Attestation and Medical Report.

Dress code should be formal: Men should come in suit and tie, well-groomed and shaved; Ladies should be dressed in skirt, transparent stockings with the hair well tied and impeccable make up. Only candidates that arrive until 9 am will be accepted.
Good luck! Further questions to

Sevenair Academy has signed a protocol with the European School for Cabin Crew (ESCC) specialist in Cabin Crew training.

This partnership will allow Sevenair Academy to offer the Portuguese and international market cabin crew courses, certified by EASA with the possibility oF hire by a European Airline for the top students.

The first course will take place in May 2019, in Portugal ,followed by Cape Verde soon after.


Sevenair Academy is now certified by AAC – Cape Verde Civil Aviation Authority to train pilots in accordance with the local law.

This is a new investment by Sevenair Group in Cape Verde to reinforce the project of internationalisation begun in September 2018 with the airline operation.

As stated by Alexandre Alves, CCO of Sevenair Group, in July, the company’s commitment is to train and certify pilots and aeronautical maintenance technicians, investing very clearly in the training of these professionals from Cape Verde and on sharing knowledge

With a long-term perspective, we want to believe, without having yet any expansion plans, that this partnership might be the entry point of the company in a very promising market’ – Alexandre Alves, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


Sevenair Academy is now an aeronautical English examination center certified by Eurocontrol (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation).

The test of English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (ELPAC), now available at Sevenair, is an ICAO English language proficiency test specifically designed for air traffic controllers and pilots.

ELPAC was developed by Eurocontrol, in partnership with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and ENOVATE A.S. (Bergen, Norway).

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Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Fitness Hut, a ‘premium low cost ‘ network of fitness clubs spread across Portugal.

Through this partnership, access and special conditions will be given to all the staff and students of the Sevenair group.

The health of those who work with us is a concern and is part of the social responsibility policy of Sevenair group.

Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Ryanair, one of the largest European airlines that connect 36 countries with 2,000 daily routes, employing more than 13,000 skilled professionals.

Through this partnership, the students, upon completion of the Sevenair Academy’s Part 147 course, will be accepted for the OJT (On Job Training of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians) at Ryanair in one of their maintenance bases.

Sevenair Academy and Centro de Divulgação Aeronáutica (CDA) have signed a partnership agreement to begin the training of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians in Matosinhos, at the Centre’s premises.

According to Octávio Pinhal, CDA President ” it is a joint effort to improve the TMA training in the north region of the country. The goal is to fill the gap in the lack of training facilities in this region, as the main number is centralized in the capital”

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