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July 25, 2017

New Protocol Signed

Sevenair Academy signed a protocol allowing students enrolled in high school in Cascais Area, the option to qualify for a technical maintenance of aircraft licence, level 4(A1), recognised by ANAC Portugal and with EASA Certification. The holder of this licence can work not only in Portugal but all around the world.

This agreement was signed at Sevenair Academy’s hangar, at the Municipal Aerodrome of Cascas, Tires on Friday, July 21st, 2017. Besides Sevenair Academy, were present representatives from the Municipal Aerodrome of Cascais, the Agrupamento de Escolas Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo and the City Council.

It is a professional course for Aircraft industrial maintenance technicians, starting on 2017/2018 academic year. This project is being promoted and developed by several entities, namely Sevenair Academy, the Agrupamento de Escolas Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo and the City Council, who are witnessing their efforts being rewarded with the course ratification by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

This course registered a high number of applications. More than a hundred students applied, from whom 40 were selected for interviews and 15 qualified and enrolled in this course.

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Last week on July 21st, Sevenair Academy was proud to welcome a visit from the Portuguese Air Force, with the presence of the Instruction Director — Brigadeiro-General João Miguel Montes Palma de Figueiredo, Instruction Sub-Director —  Coronel Carlos Alberto Bento Lopes, and Commander of the Air Force Military and Technical Training Center — Coronel Armando José Bispo dos Santos.

They had the opportunity to visit a class that includes Air Force personnel attending a Training Course on Integrated Sub-Modular Avionics and Information Systems.

A cooperation agreement between Sevenair Academy, Câmara Municipal de Cascais (the Cascais Town Council) and the Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo School was signed on July 21st, at Cascais Aerodrome. The agreement exists as an implementation protocol for the Industrial Maintenance Technician course – Aircraft Variant.

Beginning in the following 2017/18 school calendar year, the course will take place at the Frei Gonçalo de Azevedo School, in São Domingos de Rana. Students, on top of the Technical and Professional Training, will receive an AMT License – Aviation Maintenance Technician Cat. A1.

(Picture credit: Cascais 120.3 – Aeródromo de Tires)


We are excited to announce that Sevenair Academy’s fleet has a new addition: the high-winged, four-seat – the Tecnam Aircraft P2010.

This brand new acquisition has extremely appealing aesthetic lines, comfort and the Glass Cockpit technology (Garmin G1000), rarely used by aviation schools and the first of its model here, in Portugal.

The aircraft was baptised with the name of the City of Cascais by the City’s Mayor, Dr. Carlos Carreiras on July 21st.

Sevenair Academy is currently accepting applications for the position of team instructor.

With its recent fleet expansion and increasing student demand, Sevenair Academy is actively looking to expand its highly skilled team of instructors.

Sevenair Academy has open positions for driven individuals qualifying as either IRI (Instrument Instructor) or CRI (MEP/IR Multi-Engine Instructor).

Application letters and CVs should be sent to

Sevenair Academy hosted an official visit from the Minister of Transports and Communications of Mozambique.

Mr. Carlos Mesquita, Minister of Transports and Communications, has visited Sevenair Academy facilities in Cascais airfield, along with Captain João de Abreu, IACM – Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority President, Mrs. Fernanda Lichale, Mozambique Ambassador in Portugal, and several other top officials.

During the visit, Sevenair Academy’s team had the opportunity to present their long-standing experience in pilot, flight dispatcher and aircraft technician training, as well as their brand new training aircraft equipped with the latest Garmin glass cockpit.

Sevenair established the first Portuguese Aviation School from ab initio to license under new European rules.

Spanning 30 years of operations, Sevenair Academy has trained thousands of people with the dream of pursuing a career in aviation, and is a reference in providing human capital for the aviation industry.


Sevenair Academy featured in Noticias de Cascais as a reference school in the aeronautical sector. An academy that provides a great opportunity for high school students looking for a promising future with guaranteed job positions. Alexandre Alves, our Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted the increasing international job demand in this sector.

Sevenair Academy is certified by EASA and Approved Training Organisation (ATO), being the only aviation school in Portugal able to provide several aeronautical professions that require licence to work – Pilot, Cabin Crew, Flight Dispatcher and Maintenance Technician.

You can read the full article on Noticias de Cascais – page 12.

Sevenair featured on, a German general aviation website. The article highlighted Sevenair new fleet acquisition, the Tecnam P2010 and a P2006T.

“The P2010 will be available to our students from now on. They are an expression of our will to always offer the latest technologies and the highest number of two-hour flying hours in training. Both are relevant factors when you are looking for a career as an airline pilot.” — Alexandre Alves, Sevenair’s Chief Commercial Officer,

You can read the full article here.

With the acquisition of the new Tecnam P2010, G1000 Legacy/IO-360 Version, Sevenair caught the eyes of many aviation admirers at the Aeródromo Municipal de Ponte de Sor, between May 24th and 27th.

Newsavia highlighted the qualities and specifications of our new four seat acquisition, from its comfort to the specs of the last generation single-engine.

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