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Flight Dispatcher Course

Flight Dispatcher (or Flight Operations Officer) is a vital link between the operations room and the air crew. Assists in the planning, tasking and monitoring of air operations.

Admission Requirements

• Minimum age of 17 years at the moment of applying
• Minimum level of Maths and Physics (High school grade or equivalent)
• Be in good health and able to achieve the requirements to issue/hold a Medical Certificate Class 1
• Proficient in English language (ICAO English proficiency level 4)
• ATO assessment (psychometric test, english, maths, physics evaluation, etc)


Air Law and Services 51H
Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Powerplant 45H
Instrumentation 21H
Mass and Balance 24H
Performance - Aeroplanes 33H
Flight Planning 75H
Human Performance and Limitations 21H
Meteorology 60H
General Navigation 60H
Radio Aids 24H
Operational Procedures 30H
Principles of Flight 27H
Communications 15H
Security 9H
Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air 9H
Air Operations Practice 25H
Course Details


Course Duration

9 months

Course Hours

Total: 530 hours

Internship (on-job-training)

90 Days

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