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Modular ATPL Course

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EASA Modular ATPL(A) Program

Sevenair Academy offers EASA Modular Airline Transport Pilot License for aeroplanes (ATPL(A)) training from its facilities in Cascais (LPCS), Portugal.

The Modular ATPL(A) course takes aspiring pilots with little or no experience through theoretical knowledge training, single and multi-engine piston aircraft flying, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Instruments, Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Upset Prevention and Recovery (UPRT) to graduate with a frozen ATPL(A) license.

On the successful completion of the course the student graduates with an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Commercial Pilot License CPL(A) with Single engine (SEP), Multi Engine (MEP), Instrument (IR), Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Ratings which allows to start a career as a pilot on commercial passenger or cargo aircraft. The EASA license is accepted in all EASA member states (32 countries) and widely around the globe.

Why Choose Sevenair Academy?

  • 32+ years pilot training experience
  • International training environment (37 nationalities amongst students)
  • Modern training aircraft equipped with glass cockpit avionics
  • More than 6000 professionals graduated over the years
  • Part of Sevenair Group, a leading European general aviation group
Balance of 2020 at Sevenair Academy
Fleet Sevenair Academy Tecnam P2008 Cockpit

Funding Options

For those candidates requiring a loan Sevenair Academy has two active agreements:

EASA Modular ATPL(A) Details

  • Ground school schedule: Computer Based Training (CBT) plus Ground school according to training program
  • Flight training schedule: Every day including weekends and according to scheduling
  • Duration: Approximately 24 months, subject to scheduling
  • Required experience: Little or none
  • Location: Cascais (LPCS), Portugal
  • Training: State-of-the-art facilities, latest-generation simulator devices and modern aircraft equipped with glass cockpit avionics

Admission Requirements

  • Age – Be at least 17 to submit an application;
  • Education – 12th grade of Secondary School (Portugal) or International equivalent;
  • Maths and Physics – Mathematics and Physics of 12th grade of secondary school or equivalent. If the student has a different secondary school origin these subjects and exams will be provided by SEVENAIR ACADEMY without additional costs;
  • English language – Be fluent in English (verbal and written). Non-native English speakers must achieve at least ICAO level 4 or equivalent prior to the start of training;
  • Medical – Be able to obtain EASA Class 1 Medical certificate;
  • Visas – Have the unrestricted right to live, study and work in the European Union or be able to be eligible for a Visa;
  • Background and selection – Produce a clean Criminal Record Check (CRC) basic disclosure certificate;
  • Compass Test – Compass – Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System will test pilot’s psychometrics and motor skills.
  • Psychological Interview – An interview with one of our in-house psychologists that will provide a personality evaluation;
  • Physical Aptitude Test – A short test done in cooperation with Fitness Hut, Portugal’s leading fitness club chain that will analyze the candidate’s general health condition. (this is not eliminatory but an awareness for the general health cares a pilot is required to have); Swimming test. This will replicate an airline’s water drill and will confirm the ability to swim. It’s eliminatory.
Course Details
Upcoming Dates

(Open) March, 2022

The Modular Course Hours

1004h of Theory Training of which 208h in Ground School;

201h30 real Flight Hours

40h in Multi Engine Aircraft

43h30 of Simulator Training

20h MCC Simulator Training

Successful graduation will provide

EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge

EASA Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Multi-Engine Class and Instrument Rating (MEP/IR)

Single-Engine (SEP) Rating

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) completion certificate

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)

Screening and Materials

Compass Test
Verbal reasoning
Coach interview
English assessment
Maths & Physics assessment
Physical aptitude test
Theory & Flight training equipment

PPL—Private Pilot License

Ground school: 50H
School exams: 9 (first attempt)
PT CAA Exams: 9 (first attempt)
Flight theory: 29H (Aircrafts and Garmin)
Flight training hours: 45H (27H Dual, 03H FNPTII and 15H PIC)
Skill test: 01H30

ATPL Theory — Distance Learning

English LPC
Ground school: 104H
School exams: 14 (first attempt)
PT CAA Exams: 14 (first attempt)

NR – Night Rating Modular Course

Flight training hours: 05H (04 Dual and 01 PIC)

MHBP – Mentored Hour Building Program

Flight training hours: 106H

UPRT – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Theory hours: 06H
Flight training hours: 04H30 (04H30 Dual)

MEP/CPL/IR Modular Course with PBN (Performance Based Navigation)

Theory hours: 29H
Flight training hours: 80H (40H on Glass-cockpit MEP Aircraft and 40H on MEP FNPTII)
Skill tests: 03H

MCC – Multi-Crew Cooperation Modular Course

Theory hours: 25H
Flight training hours: 20H

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