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Pilot Training FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about our Pilot Training Academy

Learn more about how you can become an Airline Transport Pilot — ATPL(A) with Sevenair Academy. Here you will find the main Frequently Asked Questions about our pilot training program. Is you have more questions contact our support team.

Are all classes taught in English?

Yes, all the training is held in English. For two reasons: English is the official language of aviation; Sevenair Academy has an international academy has students of over 37+ nationalities as such it’s the usual conversation language.

How long does the course take?

The course has a minimum legal duration of 12 months and a maximum of 36 months. The average to complete it is 24 months. The real duration of the course depends of various conditions such as student’s performance at theoretical exams, weather conditions, and others. This makes that some students complete the training well below 20 months and other not.

What’s the schedule of the course?

The ATPL Integrated course has 2 different schedule options: Intensive from 09h30am to 04h30pm and Combined 06h30pm to 09h30pm. Both from Monday to Friday during the ground school. The flight phase schedule varies during all 7 week days.

Is it mandatory to have Maths and Physics of 12th grade?

No. In case the student didn’t had maths and physics at 12th grade, Sevenair Academy includes 33h of those subjects at the beginning of the course. The exams are later done at our academy and they are approved by ANAC.

I’m from professional school, is it possible to join the course?

Yes. You only need to have 12th grade concluded regardless of the path you have taken. You will be very welcome to join our pilot course. Coming from outside Portugal minimum mandatory school at the country of origin is accepted. A school certificate with official translation and school equivalences are mandatory for all coming from outside the European Union.

I haven’t followed a science subjects path. Nonetheless Is it possible to join the pilot course?

Yes. Our students come from the most diverse areas of education. It’s recommended to have some knowledge of English, maths and physics. Part of the initial training of the course is precisely about these subjects in order to refresh and cement the basis that will be needed throughout.

What are the entry requisites

to have at least 17 years old
– to have minimum mandatory high school (12th grade)
– pass medical exams class 1
– pass psychological and skill test exams
– pass english exam
– pass physical aptitude exam (includes swimming)
(includes swimming)