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Pilot Training Integrated Program

Our Sevenair Academy flight school offers a professional pilot training. The Integrated Course for the Airline Transport Pilot License — ATPL(A) — allows trainees to take all of the theoretical and practical training required, from zero time to ATPL Pilot in 16 months, providing the necessary skills to compete for an airline job.

Video Testimonials

Rodrigo Cantante, ATPL Student

Luís Martins, Flight Instructor

Funding Options

Sevenair Academy works with Portugal’s leading banking institution, Caixa Geral de Depósitos that offers a preferential treatment and the best funding options in the market to our students.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum age of 17 years at the moment of applying
  • 12th grade level of Maths and Physics
  • Be in good health and able to achieve the requirements to issue/hold a Medical Certificate Class 1
  • Be Proficient in English language (ICAO English proficiency level 4)
  • Compass Screening
  • Psychological assessment and interview
  • Swimming Test
  • Physical Fitness Test

ATP Subjects  
Air Law & ATC Procedures 60H
Airframes & Systems 39H
Powerplant 42H
Electrics 27H
Instrumentation 60H
Mass & Balance 24H
Performance 45H
Flight Plan & Monitoring 108H
Human Perform & Limitation 51H
Meteorology 60H
General Navigation 60H
Radio Navigation 75H
Operational Procedures 42H
Principles of Flight 60H
VFR & IFR Communications 36H
MCC Theory 25H
Math & Physics 33H
Flight Matters 30H
Flight Safety 12H
Garmin Training 18H
ATP Extra Subjects  
Aviation English 60H
MCC Theory 25H
Math & Physics 33H
Flight Matters 47H
Advanced UPRT 6H


  • Contact flight
  • Cross-Country
  • Instrument flight
  • Night flight
  • MCC
  • Crew
  • Single Engine Aircraft
  • Multi Engine Aircraft
  • TurbopropAircraft

*Includes *4h30 Advanced UPRT
*1 – 1st Officer program. Subject to route availability and initial screening approval. Line training with 250h or 6 months.

Course Details
Upcoming Dates

(Open) 11, January 2021

(Open) 19, April 2021

(Open) 13, September 2021

(Open) 22 de November 2021

Course Duration

18 to 36 months

Course Hours

Up to 1024 hours Theory

Up to 505 hours Flight Time

39 hours on Multi Engine

Up to 250 hours of Glass Cockpit

115 hours as PIC

Line Training as First Officer


The pilot will be holder of an CPL(A) Flight Crew License with ATPL(A) Theory frozen endorsed with the following class and rating:
SEP (land)
MEP (land)

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