Women have been flying powered aircraft since 1908; prior to 1970, however, most were restricted to working privately or in support roles in the aviation industry.

Global percentage of female pilots is still very low. According to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISWAP), commercial female pilots make only ~5% of total commercial pilots globally.

Growing tendency of female students in aviation

The relationship between gender and technology is ever changing and the figures from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) speak a clear language of that. There is a growing tendency of future women pilots, as the percentage of female students significantly differs from the number of flying female pilots in the industry.

Our academy already has 12% of pilot female students. In the USA, while women make only 5,12% of the whole USA commercial pilots, student female pilots amount to 12,02% amongst all pilot students.

The growing number of future women pilots is also seen across different European countries. ISWAP states that the percentage of women in the cockpit is around 5% worldwide. While France, Sweden and Finland exceeds the average with having from 7,5% to 12,00% of female student pilots.

Women pilots’ percentage in India is twice that of global average.

According to the latest statistics, the percentage of women airline pilots in the world stands around 5.4%. In India, percentage of women pilots currently is 12.4 %.

India employs a total of 8,797 pilots of which 1,092 are women and 385 of these are female captains, according to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots.

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