Sevenair Academy has signed a new partnership with Alpha Aviation Academy, based in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Alpha Aviation is part of the Air Arabia Group, an airline that flies to over 150 destinations in the middle east, North Africa, India, Central Asia and Europe.

Through this partnership, training will be given to the students (cadets) of the Alpha Aviation Academy (AAA), under the Multi Pilot License (MPL). Thus, the theoretical and simulator stage will be at the AAA facilities in Sharjah, UAE. The core part (flight stage) of the course will be held in Cascais (Tires Aerodrome) by Sevenair Academy. Each group of students will have training between 8 to 10 weeks, where they will do 70h flight training. The first course is already starting in March.

According to Alexandre Alves, Sevenair’s Chief Commercial Officer, “This Partnership shows the Group’s desire to grow beyond its borders, representing an important step to our training academy. This is a high-value contract to add to our portfolio, an international reference partner in pilot training with the GCAA certification (UAE aeronautical authority) “.