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Sevenair is the accomplishment of a pilots’ family dream who, in 1998, created in Portugal the first aviation school from ab initio to license, according to the new European legislation. An EASA ATO (Approved Training Organization) with Part 147 (Maintenance Technician) approval, we open classes several times a year in our training bases of Cascais and Portimão, where advanced training courses are taught by highly experienced professional instructors in modern facilities. Spanning 20 years of operation and thousands of flight hours, Sevenair has trained thousands of people with the dream of pursuing a career in aviation, and is a reference in providing human capital for the aviation market.


Global air traffic is growing truly fast and the search for new aviation professionals has never been so critical. Sevenair Academy’s main mission is to help and motivate young people to become professional pilots and pursue a career in aviation, or to fly recreationally. Our academy is strategically located in sunny Cascais, Portugal, only 20 minutes away from Lisbon, which allow our students to fly with the best weather and airspace for pilot training.


Sevenair Academy’s main mission is to develop professional pilots and technical teams with skills, confidence and certification. Our quality educators possess high standards of safety and effective aviation training. On a learn-by-doing basis we want to expand our students’ professional horizons and leave them ready to compete for an airline career.



AEROVIA Escola de Aviação
– A primeira escola civil de Pilotos Comerciais


VEGA Escola de Aviação
– Escola de Treino de Helicópteros e Aviões
– Formação e Treino em Manutenção


LEÁVIA Escola de Aviação Civil
– In 1999 was assigned JAA certificate No. 1
– In 2013 was certifed as EASA approved training organization (AT0)


SEVENAIR Flight Academy
– Rebrand
– New premises, new fleet

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